Understanding Mic Tech in Earbuds: Advantages of 13mm Driver Earbuds

Understanding Mic Tech in Earbuds: Advantages of 13mm Driver Earbuds

Ever wonder why some earbuds make your calls super clear, while others pick up every bit of noise? The secret is in the mic, or rather, the number of mics. The more the Mics, the better the call clarity. The microphone in earbuds picks up ambient noises from your surroundings and reduces them, thus making your conversations on calls crystal-clear.

Let’s understand the difference among single, dual and quad-mic systems. We will also focus on deciphering how they work their magic in your earbuds. We will also help you choose the right one, and introduce you to the cool tech behind AI ENC. Let’s start by keeping it simple – no tech jargon, promise!

Table: Mic Comparison Simplified


Dual Mic

Quad Mic

Noise Handling



Call Clarity


Crystal Clear

Sound Pickup



Ideal Usage

Everyday use

Noisy surroundings

Tech Complexity



Mivi Product Example

Mivi DuoPods D4

Mivi Commando Q9

Single Mic: A single microphone is your basic setup that captures audio. It does the job for simple calls but struggles with noise and can leave your voice battling to be heard amidst the hustle of life.

Dual Mic: The two mics work together to reduce ambient sound, making your voice clearer on calls. It's a balance between affordability and functionality.

Quad Mic: The quad mic is the pinnacle of clarity – four microphones working in a harmonious quartet for the crispest call quality. Each mic can be dedicated to a specific task: capturing your voice, eliminating background noise, honing in on vocal nuances, and even adapting in real-time to changing soundscapes with AI ENC technology.

Single, Dual, and Quad Mics: The Trio Explained with Simple Examples:

Imagine you're at a bustling cafe, trying to talk to your friend on a call. With a single mic, your earbud is like that one friend who tries to listen but gets easily distracted by all the noise. 

Dual mics step up the game; they're like having two friends who team up to filter out some of that background chatter, making your voice clearer. But quad mics? That’s the ultimate squad – they form a tight circle around you, keeping your voice in and the noise out, making sure you’re heard perfectly, even when life gets loud.

How Mic Works in Earbuds

Your earbuds’ mics aren’t just sitting there; they’re always at work. They capture your voice through tiny openings and convert it into a signal that your phone understands. Like mini sound detectives, they pick up the clues of your voice and follow it amidst the noise.

Choose the Right Wireless Microphone System

Picking the right wireless mic system is like choosing teammates for a game. If you’re always in quieter spots, the single mic has got your back. For those everyday adventures, the dual mic is your go-to. And if your life’s soundtrack is more “busy city streets” than “quiet library aisles,” you’ll want the quad mics in your corner.

Mic with AI ENC Technology

Now, let’s talk about levelling the game up even more. AI ENC technology uses artificial intelligence to figure out what’s noise and what’s not. It’s like having a super-smart friend who knows exactly when to tell the room to 'shush' while you’re talking. With AI ENC, your calls are as clear as if you're in a peaceful garden, even if you're actually in the middle of a concert crowd.

Mivi’s Mic Masterpieces

Here at Mivi, we don’t just make earbuds; we curate them based on consumer needs and preferences. 

DuoPods i7 – MIVI: 3D Sound Stage, AAC for Lossless audio, High-Fidelity Drivers, 55H Playtime, Dual Mic - Artificial Intelligence enabled ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) for distortionless calling, 5.3 BT Bluetooth Headset.

if you want to level up, the Commando Q9 with quad mic tech makes sure your voice slices through chaos like a hot knife through butter.

So there you have it, the lowdown on how mics make a world of difference in your earbuds. Whether it's a single, dual, or quad mic system, Mivi has the right fit for your life’s volume. Now, go ahead and make that call; with Mivi, you’re coming in loud and clear!

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