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Feel the next level of audio quallity with Mivi's specially crafted and designed high quality bluetooth earbuds. Explore all new bluetooth earbuds for your audio clarity.

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Give Mivi Earbuds a listen and discover why they're the preferred audio choice for countless users across India.

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Let The Mivi TWS Earbuds Sound Dictate Your Reality

  • Use Mivi DuoPods A550 Earbuds

    Unleash the Power of Audio Quality with Mivi DuoPods A650 Earbuds

  • Use Mivi Commando X9 Earbuds

    Elevate Every Beat: The Mivi DuoPods K7 Difference

  • Use Mivi DuoPods K7 Earbuds

    Pure, Powerful, Perfect Earbuds: Discover Mivi Commando X9

  • Use Mivi DuoPods A650 Earbuds

    Mivi DuoPods A550: Where Sound Meets Perfection in Earbuds

Experience Perfect Sound with TWS Earbuds

  • Good Earbuds for Home


    Are you a Student and looking for best bluetooth earbuds for your studies? Buy one of these Mivi noise cancelling earbuds and remove all the distrubances from the outside and focus on your studies with Mivi's bluetooth earbuds.

  • Good Earbuds for Workplace


    Bluetooth earbuds for calling, Use MIV's TWS noise cancelling earbuds to improve your audio quality and calling experience. It includes 10.5 mm driver and 13 mm drivers, Quad Mic, AI ENC, Long battery life, and voise assistant features.

  • Party Earbuds


    Increase your focus on workouts. Use Mivi's advacned and premium built bluetooth earbuds. Features includes, Sweat proof, splash-proof, dust proof, waterproof, 75+ hrs battery life, and 35ms low latency.

  • Gaming Earbuds


    Are you a gamer? User Mivi's gaming earbuds which is specially designed for action gamers, these earbuds offer low-latency sound without any delay. Go deep into your gaming mode and stay always ahead, ensuring every move counts.

Tailor Your Tunes With
Mivi’s Latest Earbuds

  • Voise Assistant Support Earbuds

    Voice Assistant

    Access your mobile device to make calls, play music, respond to calls, and more from Mivi's bluetooth earbuds. With Voice assistant support feature, you will reduce spends times on Mobile.

  • Good Battery Life Earbuds

    Battery Life

    Keep your music playing non-stop! With Mivi's TWS earbuds, you will receive a long battery life that ensures your favorite music keeps with you from morning till night and beyond. Enjoy uninterrupted bass all day.

  • Noise Cancellation Earbuds

    Noise Cancellation

    Travel the world, and live into your dreams with Mivi Noise Cancellation Earbuds. Experience the power of Mivi's earbuds surrounding sound, and environmental noise cancellation by the outside world.

  • Smooth Design Earbuds

    Premium Design

    Create style with Mivi TWS earbuds. Mivi products are created from the expertise of innovative design from Mivi Design Studios. Create a signature, just with premium design, product, and quality TWS earbuds.

Asked Questions

Do Mivi TWS Earbuds reduce noise?

Yes, Mivi earbuds reduce noise. Use Mivi Noise Cancelling Earbuds for a better calling and audio experience.

What's the use of bluetooth earbuds?

Mivi earbuds enable you to listen to music and talk on the phone calls without the bother of wires.

How dual pairing tws earbuds works?

Mivi DuoPods D4, DuoPods K4, DuoPods K2, and DuoPods K6 enables for dual connectivity. You can connect your Mivi earbuds for Mobile, PC, and Tablet at the same time. 

What are the best tws earbuds under 2000?

Mivi DuoPods K7, DuoPods K6, DuoPods A850, DuoPods K5, DuoPods X9, and DuoPods F30 are the best earbuds under 2000 for calling, music, and gaming.

Which is better Mivi or other TWS earbuds brands?

Mivi earbuds have Fast Pair with Bluetooth and AI ENC. On the other hand, Other TWS brands are not that convenient to use. Meanwhile, Mivi earbuds have quick, easy-to-fit, and stable connectivity. Moreover, the earbuds have a stylish appearance and a reliable battery life.