Types of Earbuds Driver and Their Importance

Types of Earbuds Driver and Their Importance

Just like the heart pumps life through your body, the driver in your earbuds pumps sound out. But not all drivers are built the same. From dynamic to MEMS, each type brings its own unique flavour to your listening experience.

Let’s explore them in detail:

When you're bobbing your head to your favourite track, it's all thanks to a tiny but mighty part of your earbuds called the driver. It's the engine that turns the electric buzz from your device into the beat that reaches your ears. 

But what makes each type special? Let’s break it down simply.

The Earbud Drivers - What They Do and Who They're For

Driver Type

What It Does

Who It’s For


Vibrant sounds with a kick of bass

The everyday listener

(Hi-Fidelity) Planer Magnetic

Precise audio for fine-tuned ears

The detail-seekers


Sharp sounds with extra clarity

The high-res audio fans

Balanced Armature

Rich vocals and crisp treble

The storytellers and singers


Smart sound in a tiny package

The tech enthusiasts

Here's How Drivers Work:

Receiving Signals:

Just like you tune into your favourite radio station, drivers tune into the electrical signals from your device.

Making Moves with Magnets:

Inside the driver, there's a dance happening between a coil and a magnet. When the electric current hits, it's like the beat drops, and the coil starts moving.

Sound Wave Party:

This movement throws tiny sound waves into the air – and that's the music or the voice on the other end of your call.

Why the Driver Type Matters:

Dynamic Driver: Your All-Rounder

Think of dynamic drivers as the crowd-pleasers. They're the most common and can handle a bit of everything, from the deep thump of a bass drum to the high twinkle of a triangle. They're built using a magnet, voice coil, and a diaphragm – a classic setup that's perfect for everyday jams.

(Hi-Fidelity) Planer Magnetic Driver: The Detail-Oriented Maestro

Magnetic drivers are all about the details. They're fine-tuned for accuracy, making every note and beat precise. If you love picking apart the layers in your music, these drivers will let you hear the pluck of a guitar string and the breath of a vocalist like never before.

Electroplated Driver: The Clarity King

With an electroplated driver, it’s like swapping out your old glasses for HD vision. This type boosts the clarity of each sound. So, when you're streaming that FLAC file or that 320kbps track, you're getting the cleanest, crispest version possible.

Balanced Armature Drivers: For the Vocal Virtuosos

Balanced armature drivers are the divas of the driver world – in the best way. They shine when it comes to vocals and treble, making them ideal for acoustic sessions and songs where the voice is the star.

MEMS Drivers: The Tech Innovator

MEMS stands for Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems, and these drivers are like the smartwatches of sound tech. They’re tiny, efficient, and work perfectly with the smart devices we carry every day. If you’re into tech that's as smart as it is small, MEMS drivers are where it’s at.

Each driver type brings something unique to the table – or should we say, to the ear. 

From the versatile dynamic driver to the precision of balanced armature and the innovation of MEMS, Mivi earbuds are designed to cater to every kind of listener. 

Now, if you're wondering where to find earbuds that use these driver technologies to their fullest potential.

Our lineup features earbuds with carefully selected drivers to ensure every user finds their perfect sound match. 

  • With the Mivi DuoPods i7, clarity meets craftsmanship. (Hi-Fidelity) Planar Magnetic Drivers offer a listening experience that’s as detailed as an artist's final brushstroke. 

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  • The Mivi DuoPods K1 are all about bringing the concert to your ears, with Dynamic Drivers that pack a punchy bass to keep your head nodding. 

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  • For those who appreciate the subtleties in sound, the Mivi DuoPods A750's Electroplated Drivers provide a crystal-clear audio picture. 

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  • Feel the power of deep, resonant bass with the DuoPods F50, where Electro-Dynamic Bass Drivers make every track feel like a live performance. 

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  • And for the tech-savvy, the Mivi DuoPods M80 with MEMS Drivers offer a smart and sophisticated sound experience that adapts to your lifestyle. 

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We at Mivi believe in the harmony of technology and experience. It's not just about selling earbuds; it's about matching you with the right companion for your daily soundtrack.

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