What To Choose?  ENC or Without ENC Earbuds?

What To Choose? ENC or Without ENC Earbuds?

Understanding the buzz around Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) in earbuds can be game-changing, especially when deciding which pair to buy. Let’s simplify what ENC does for your earbuds and when you might choose earbuds without it.

Table: The Difference Between Earbuds with ENC and without ENC


Earbuds with ENC

Earbuds without ENC

Main Function

Tackle high-frequency noise like chit-chat or AC

Deliver audio without noise cancellation

Tech Talk

Microphones create inverse waves to cancel noise

Straightforward audio delivery

Call Quality

Background noise reduced for clearer calls

May struggle with clarity in noisy places

Everyday Listening

Some ambient sounds reduced

Natural listening, no added processing

Battery Life

Slightly less due to processing

Longer, thanks to fewer demands on power

ENC in Earbuds: The Focused Listener’s Choice

When you’re trying to concentrate, whether it's on a call or your favourite album, ENC earbuds step in to minimize those annoying distractions. They pick up the sounds of people talking or the hum of an air conditioner and work to quiet them down, so you're not struggling to hear over them.

Without ENC: Keeping it Real (and Simple)

If you're all about keeping things uncomplicated, non-ENC earbuds keep the audio honest. They pump out your podcasts and tunes without fuss. And hey, they'll often save you a bit on cost and keep playing longer between charges.

Choosing What’s Right for You

Here's why ENC could be your go-to choice:

Call Quality:

Ever been on a call and the only thing you hear is the world around you, not the person speaking? ENC works to make sure your conversations are heard without you having to find a quieter spot.

Focused Listening:

Whether it’s for work or pleasure when you want to communicate with the other person, ENC helps by tuning out the high-pitched distractions.

Everyday Comfort:

Long commutes, busy offices, or even a windy walk — ENC earbuds make these daily experiences more sensible by filtering out unwanted noise.

Subtle Sound Enhancement:

Unlike ANC which aims to cancel all noise, ENC targets specific external sounds, making it a subtle yet effective way to enhance your audio experience.

Choosing ENC earbuds means choosing to hear what’s important to you, without compromise. With Mivi’s ENC-equipped earbuds, you’re not just buying a tech accessory; you’re upgrading the way you experience sound every day.

And Here Are Some of Mivi’s Best ENC Earbuds Which You Should Try:

Mivi DuoPods i2:

Ideal for those on the go, the DuoPods i2 model comes with AI-ENC to ensure your calls are uninterrupted by the hustle of daily life, perfect for busy professionals and travellers.

Get Here: DuoPods i2 – MIVI

Mivi DuoPods A750:

A great fit for music enthusiasts, the DuoPods A750 offers AI- ENC that enhances listening sessions by reducing ambient interruptions, making every song stand out.

Get Here: DuoPods A750 - Dual Connectivity Earbuds – MIVI

Mivi Commando Q9:

Gamers and movie buffs will appreciate the Q9’s ENC feature, which provides immersive audio experiences by keeping environmental distractions at bay.

Get Here: Commando Q9: Elevate Your Gaming to Elite Levels – MIVI

Mivi DuoPods i7:

With a focus on sleek design and sound isolation, the DuoPods i7 with ENC is the choice for style-conscious users looking for a blend of aesthetics and audio clarity.

Get Here: DuoPods i7 – MIVI

Each of these Mivi earbuds with ENC is engineered to enrich your audio experience by putting the focus on what matters most — your music, your calls, your world.

Mivi recognizes the diverse needs of earbud users. That's why we offer most of our earbuds with AI-ENC Tech-enabled which bring clarity to your important calls even in the busiest environments.

With Mivi, you’re sure to find the perfect audio partner that fits right into your world.

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