ENC Technology In Earbuds

ENC Technology In Earbuds


In the daily hustle of our bustling world, a voice finds its way through the chaos clearly – this is the magic rendered by ENC technology in earbuds. As we dive into the realms of truly immersive audio experiences, ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) stands at the forefront of this revolution, promising clarity in daily calls making our communication stay clear & meaningful.

Let’s embark on a journey to understand ENC, its intelligent cousin AI ENC, and how it has become the key feature of auditory excellence.

ENC Technology Defined:

At its core, ENC is an advanced tech companion, meticulously engineered to stop ambient noise and refine the sounds that truly matter – your conversations. Imagine standing amidst the hustle and bustle of city life, yet only your voice reaches your intended receiver. That’s ENC in action – a haven of clarity in a world of noise.

The Genius of AI ENC:

Artificial Intelligence takes ENC a notch higher, introducing AI ENC. This smarter, more intuitive version not only understands the sounds you want to filter out but also adapts to your auditory environment in real time.

How ENC Technology Works:

The science behind ENC is nothing short of fascinating. It’s a symphony of software and hardware working in tandem to detect non-essential sounds and neutralise them before they reach your ears. Microphones strategically placed in the earbuds pick up ambient noise, while the ENC algorithms produce counter frequencies, effectively silencing the unwanted noise.

Types of ENC:

ENC Type


Passive ENC

Utilises earbud design to physically block out noise.

Active ENC

Employs sophisticated algorithms to cancel out noise.

AI-Enabled ENC

Adapts to environments using artificial intelligence.


Benefits of ENC:



Enhanced Clarity

Offers crystal-clear audio and call quality.

Focus Amplified

Allows for undisturbed immersion in tasks.

Tailored Experience

Adjusts to personal preferences and surroundings.


Mivi Earbuds Equipped with AI-ENC:

Embracing the technological tide, Mivi's lineup of earbuds boasts ENC technology that stands as a testament to the brand's commitment to delivering clarity not only in music but also in calls. 

With every product, Mivi infuses the ethos of innovation and quality.

From the harmonious Mivi DuoPods D4, with its robust bass and swift charging capability, to the DuoPods A750, which seamlessly transitions from your laptop to your mobile, each earbud is a statement of Mivi’s promise to deliver excellence encased in elegance.

Here Are Some of Mivi’s Best ENC Earbuds that you Should Try:

Mivi DuoPods i7:

With a focus on sleek design and sound isolation, the DuoPods i7 with ENC is the choice for style-conscious users looking for a blend of aesthetics and audio clarity.

Get Here: DuoPods i7 – MIVI

Mivi DuoPods A750:

A great fit for music enthusiasts, the DuoPods A750 offers AI-ENC that enhances listening sessions by reducing ambient interruptions, making every song stand out.

Get Here: DuoPods A750 - Dual Connectivity Earbuds – MIVI

Mivi Commando Q9:

Gamers and movie buffs will appreciate the Q9’s ENC feature as it is equipped with the Quad Mics which makes the calling so clear, which provides immersive audio experiences by keeping environmental distractions at bay while you communicate with your peers during real-time multiplayer gaming.

Get Here: Commando Q9: Elevate Your Gaming to Elite Levels – MIVI

Mivi DuoPods i2:

Ideal for those on the go, the DuoPods i2 model comes with AI-ENC to ensure your calls are uninterrupted by the hustle of daily life, perfect for busy professionals and travellers.

Get Here: DuoPods i2 – MIVI

Each of these Mivi earbuds with ENC is engineered to enrich your audio experience by putting the focus on what matters most — your music, your calls, your world.

Let Mivi’s ENC earbuds be the conductor to your orchestra of sounds, ensuring that every note of life is heard just as it was intended – purely, clearly, perfectly.

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