Fort S16

Fort S16

16 Watts Soundbar

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Fort S16

Fort S16

16 Watts Soundbar

Mini Soundbar with 6Hrs Battery Life.

Crafted with Room-filling & Front-firing sound, Mivi S16 mini soundbar creates a live theatre environment in your home.

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16W Cinematic Sound Of Battery Life9 MadeIn India Bluetooth Aux USB Micro SD Card Premium Fabric Design
No Buzz Just BASS The bass is balanced, powerful, and rich, making each and everynote crisp and booming. Jump scares will now be anepic story to tell around.
Exceptional Sound All Around Enjoy an immersive experience with two speakers of 16W cinematic sound enabled with the Mivi Fort S16, to keep your ears filled with the sounds of glory and joy.
Surround yourself in the melody With a 2.0 channel detailed stereo sound, you can listen to music,radio, audiobooks, and podcasts from all your favourite channels in a premium audio quality that keeps on giving.
Head Turning Design Get your neighbours jealous when they set their eyes on the Mivi Fort S16 with its stylish, premium fabric design with a touch of matte finish that pairs perfectly with your TV or PC set.
Brilliant Passive Radiators Move aside subwoofers. With two passive radiators,low frequencies are boosted for a balanced and powerful sound. Passive Radiators for the win.
Unstoppable Battery Life With a long-lasting 2000mAH battery capacity, the Mivi Fort S16 can go for 6 hours on end to make sure your gaming, shows, and movies are played on without any disruption.
Hands  Free Assistance Set timers, check the news, and control smart home devices (TV or PC), all with asimple shout-out to Siri or GoogleHey Google, play the latest news Assistant. Stay lazy folks. works with Hey Google works with Hey Siri
Multi Channel Input Too many wires? Fear not. The Mivi Fort S16 can be connected to your TV or PC easily. Aux Cable Bluetooth 5.1 USB Micro SD Card
Proudly Made In India Made by Indians This piece of art is proudly designed and manufactured right here in India with our unique tastes & preferences in music we Indians have. INDIAN MADEINDIAN OWNED

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Awesome 🔥

Happy with speaker,
No buzz effect, Good bass

Sunny Sarkar

Best in this price 👌

Simply awesome

Awesome product 😍
Sound was mind-blowing 💕
Build quality was good and leather give it classic sound bar look😍
Amazing product at this price
Must buy 🎉

Debasish Kumar

It is a great product by mivi and a must have if you are looking for a good soundbar at this price point. Superb sound quality and most impressive is it's deep bass. Battery backup and Bluetooth connectivity is too good.

Subhadip Ghosh
Classy product

Build quality - Decent [4/5]
Looking - premium [5/5]
Bluetooth connection - very fast [5/5]
Battery run - Overall Good [4/5]
Sound quality- just wow [5/5]
Bass - [3.8/5]

Sound with Aux cable - Full sound no distraction [5/5]