What’s the Difference Between NC and ENC in Earbuds

What’s the Difference Between NC and ENC in Earbuds

Amidst the wearable audio tech, Truly Wireless Stereo (TWS) has stood out as the showstopper. It is by far one of the most significant innovations and is being well-received by people around the globe. In this rapidly evolving competitive wearables market, these wireless earbuds have also evolved significantly over a short span. 

In the urge to create better and more powerful tech devices each year, audio giants are in a constant race to dive deeper into their respective R&D to add more impact to this tiny wearable tech. Watching this space closely has been quite exciting and enthralling.

Today, when it comes to wireless earbuds, the choices are endless. From superior tech to jaw-dropping designs, companies are pushing their limits to attract potential customers and why not? This tiny audio wearable is gradually becoming a necessity. 

Long gone are the days, when people used to carry their wired earphones to plug in their smartphones. Today it is all about going wireless and with TWS, all it takes is a simple plug-in and response tap control to cut you off from the world.  

Today, it is all about adding comfort to usage and this is what the customer pays for ultimately. This potential gap in the market for earbuds has given rise to an important technology, Noise Cancellation. No matter how fancy the design may be, if it is not solving the basic problem of offering call clarity, it is of no good, and hence not a worthy investment to go for. 

Ever since companies have realized this gap, noise cancellation has undergone numerous updations and today we will be talking about it through a comparison between Noise Cancellation (NC) and Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC).

Ever wondered why some earbuds make your calls sound super clear even when you’re in a noisy place? Why you can enjoy your music without hearing much of the world around you? It's all thanks to some cool tech called NC and ENC. Let’s dive a little deeper to understand the basic difference between these two terms.

NC vs. ENC: What Are They?

NC (Noise Cancellation): This feature's main task is to try to keep out all that background noise so you can listen to music or watch videos without hearing the honking cars or chatter around you.

ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation): It is a step ahead of noise cancellation. Besides cutting you off from the busy environment, ENC makes your speech delivery crystal clear when you're on a call. It's like your earbuds zoom in on your voice and turn down the volume of everything else. So, even if you're in a busy market, your receiver on the other end hears your voice minus the background noise.

What’s the Big Difference?


NC ( Noise Cancellation)

ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation)

Primary Benefit

Allows you to enjoy music, movies, or silence without background noise interference.

Apart from eliminating background interferences, ENC ensures that your voice is crystal clear during calls, even in noisy environments.


Uses advanced algorithms to create sound waves that counteract ambient noise.

Uses microphones to detect external sounds and cancel them out for call clarity.

Ideal For

Anyone looking to immerse themselves in music or need peace in noisy environments.

People who make a lot of calls and need to be heard clearly, regardless of their surroundings.


The Importance of Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC):

ENC takes the spotlight when it comes to calling clarity in addition to eliminating background noise interference. In today's hustle and bustle, making a call from a busy street or a crowded cafe is a nightmare. That's where ENC shines by isolating your voice and minimising background noise, ensuring your conversations are crystal clear, no matter where you are.

Here at Mivi Design Studio, we're all about making sure you get the best sound as well as the best call clarity. Our focus? To offer your HD Call Clarity with the help of AI-enabled ENC.

Below are some of our earbuds built with ENC tech:

Mivi DuoPods D4: TWS, Rich Bass, 50H Playtime, AI ENC, Low Latency, 13mm, 5.3 BT Bluetooth Headset (Black, True Wireless). These earbuds come with Dual Mic ENC for HD call clarity, offering swift charging where just a 10-minute charge gives you 500 mins of playtime.

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DuoPods K7: Crystal-Clear Calls, Every Time! The DuoPods K7 uses AI-ENC to map your environment & create adaptive noise cancellation. So the receiver hears only you, not your background.

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DuoPods A750: Twice The Connection. Twice The Fun. With the Multi-connectivity feature now you can connect with your laptop and mobile simultaneously. Multitask effortlessly in this ecosystem of seamless connectivity.

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These are just a few TWS that offer AI ENC. We have made sure to include this revolutionary tech in all our earbuds to offer you a seamless calling experience. 

Choosing Mivi means you’re choosing earbuds that understand what you need. Clear call, powered by ENC, is a total win-win. It’s about offering you a conversation as real as in person. 

So, if you want your voice to cut through the noise, Mivi’s got your back by making every conversation as clear as possible.

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