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Experience top-tier audio without the hefty price tag. Within 5000, secure TWS earbuds that rival high-end models. A realm where luxury becomes accessible.

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Give Mivi Earbuds a listen and discover why they're the preferred audio choice for countless users across India.

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Best Earbuds Under 5000 For Workout

Push your limits with Mivi's earbuds, tailor-made for intense workouts! All under ₹5000, they ensure you stay energized with top-notch sound. Elevate your fitness journey!

Best Earbuds Under 5000 With Noise Cancelling

Dive into pure sound! Mivi's earbuds, all under ₹5000, are engineered with superior noise-cancelling tech. Immerse yourself and keep distractions at bay. Choose Mivi for clear audio.

Best Gaming Earbuds Under 5000

Level up with Mivi's Commando Q9 & X9! Tailored for gamers, these earbuds under ₹5000 promise an immersive experience. Dominate every match with precision audio.

High Bass Earbuds Under 5000

Dive into deep beats with Mivi's collection! Every earbud promises unrivalled bass under ₹5000. Feel the rhythm; embrace the pulse of your playlist.