Earbuds Under 1000

Seeking affordable audio excellence? Earbuds under 1000 offer a harmonious blend of crisp sound and savings. Dive into a world where quality meets value.

  • DuoPod A25 Earbuds

    Duopods A25

    Earbuds with IPX4 Support

    ₹1299 ₹2999

  • DuoPod K1 Earbuds

    Duopods K1

    Stay Protected with IPX4

    ₹1299 ₹2999

  • DuoPod d4 Earbuds

    Duopods D4

    Wireless Earbuds

    ₹1199 ₹2999

  • DuoPod K4 Earbuds

    Duopods K4

    Dual Connection MODE

    ₹1099 ₹2999

  • DuoPod d3 Earbuds

    Duopods D3

    Wireless Earbuds

    ₹1199 ₹2999

  • DuoPod A250 Earbuds

    Duopods A250

    Swift Charge Technology

    ₹1299 ₹2999

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People Also Ask

13mm Driver Earbuds Under 1000

Unleash the power of 13mm drivers for an immersive sound experience. With products like Duopods A25, A350, F50, K2, and K4. K1 Contains 10.5mm Driver, you're all set for premium audio without a premium price tag. Dive into a world where deep bass and crystal-clear highs are accessible for under 1000.

Best Calling Earbuds Under 1000

Seeking clarity for calls without stretching your budget? Dive into earbuds designed for crisp conversations. Consider Duopods A25, A350, F50, K2, K4, and K1. Each offers seamless connectivity and noise isolation, ensuring your voice is heard without interruptions. All are under 1000, making clear communication accessible.

High Bass TWS Earbuds Under 1000

Experience unmatched bass intensity with TWS earbuds tailored for aficionados. The Duopods A25, A350, F50, K2, K4, and K1 stand out as top choices, offering unparalleled bass depth and rhythm. Meticulously crafted, they transform your listening sessions, providing premium bass at an unbeatable price. Dive into deep sound without deep spending.