Fort S440

Cinematic Soundbar

Let The Sound Dictate Your Reality

Convert your space to a sonic spectacle with the power of 440 watts of immersive cinematic surround sound. Step into a world of inevitable aural immersion, powerful enough to reshape your audio experience. Make your reality surreal with the Mivi Fort S440 Soundbar.




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Made In India

  • Incredibly designed speaker with dedicated volume contol button. The sound is loud and impactful. Amazing product at this price point. Worth buying!

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  • Smooth and fluid sound at high volume without unwanted distortions or leakages. Incredible connectivity with a dedicated multi-functional button. Loved it."

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  • Fantastic outputs at high volumes with an amazing build. Highly recommended.

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Immersive sound experience


Channel Soundbar

Surround Sound


5.1 channel surround sound

Turn Your Space Into an
Audio Panorama

The 5.1 channel surround sound lets you delve deep into the world of audio delight. Step into the aural wave of cinematic brilliance with

Step Beyond the Realms of Physical Space

The 2 satellite speakers carry the audio experience beyond the confines of the entertainment unit and create an illusion of more space. The sub-woofer adds depth to the audio unleashing clean highs, great mid, and crisp lows.

Crafted to Add Substance to Your Space

The high-grade metallic mesh on the soundbar blends in seamlessly with the glossy-finish casing. The two satellite speakers effuse a high-end Matt finish. The sub-woofer is elegantly crafted to reflect a high-end pristine finish.

An Audio Experience Tailored
for Every Entertainment

Every entertainment demands a unique experience. Control your choice of entertainment from the comfort of your couch.

The Power of Pure Audio
in Your Hands

Switch to your choice of entertainment with a simple tap. Control your personal audio experience from the comfort of your couch.

Flexible in Connecting with Devices

With 5 unique input modes, add the flexibility of connecting your MIVI soundbar seamlessly with devices like TVs, laptops etc.






Multifunction control knob

Power on/off | Active Input Selection
Volume Controls

Truly Indian by Heart & Soul

Mivi Fort S440 Soundbar is designed, engineered, and crafted in India by us with love for you. Own the Indian-made and say with pride, "MIVI APNA HAI".