Fort S180

Soundbar With Sub-woofer

Hear Every Layer. Feel Every Beat.

Bridge the gap between theatre and home with a soundbar that resonates with unparalleled intensity. From quiet whispers to earth-rumbling roars, our soundbar captures the essence of true aural delight.




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Made In India

Fort S180 - Background Design

Immersive sound experience

Fort S180 - 2.1 Channel

Channel Soundbar

Fort S180 - Cinematic Experience

Surround Sound

Fort S180 - Iconic Design
Fort S180 - Youtube Thumbnail

Cinematic Surround Sound

Fort S180 - Experience the Moment

Capture the Essence of
Cinematic Bass

Be it the suspense of a thriller or bone-chilling moments of horror, make every moment cinematic with true audio sound. The 180-watt sound is engineered to deliver an unparalleled audio experience.

Fort S180 - Delve Deep

Delve Deep Into the World
of Audio Delight

The 2.1 channel surround sound offers a spectacle where the story surrounds you. The 2 in-built full-range speakers and 1 external subwoofer create an audio panorama that keeps you engrossed from all directions.

Fort S180 - Minimal Design

Minimalist in Appeal. Powerful in Substance.

The high-grade metallic mesh on the soundbar blends in seamlessly with the glossy-finish casing. The sub-woofer is elegantly crafted to reflect a high-end pristine finish.

Fort S180 - Built for Cinematic Experience

Tailored for Your Choice of

Dive into your choice of entertainment with a simple tap on your remote.

Fort S180 - The Remote

The Power of 180 Watts,
Now in Your Palms

Control your personal audio experience from the comfort of your couch. Choose among multiple input modes, entertainment modes, & control volume, etc., with a simple tap on your Mivi Remote.

Fort S180 - Multi Channel

Multi-Compatible for Easy
Plug & Play

With 5 unique input modes, add the flexibility of connecting your MIVI soundbar seamlessly with devices like TVs, laptops etc.

Fort S180 - India Logo

Truly Indian by Heart
& Soul

Mivi Fort S180 Soundbar is designed, engineered, and crafted in India by us with love for you. Own the Indian-made and say with pride,

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