Fort R38

Cinematic Sound In Every Corner Of Your Room

World's first-of-its-kind Mini-Soundbar of 38-Watt, complemented by an external Subwoofer. Is crafted to make your small space into Big cinema Hall without compromising on space availability.




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Made In India

Immersive sound experience


With External Subwoofer

Sound Experience

Iconic Fabric

Exquisite Fabric Design

Hear Every Detail.
Feel Every Moment.

Introducing the 38-watt paired with an external Subwoofer, crafted to redefine your audio experiences. With Mivi, every beat tells a story.

Recreate Cinema-like Audio At Home

Every beat comes alive with our Fort R38 Soundbar the moment you play. Its 2.1 channel harmony is crafted through two in-built full-range speakers, delivering audio so pure you'll feel every note. And with the external subwoofer, you get that depth in your music that truly resonates. From the subtlest notes to the deepest bass.

An Elegant Blend of
Style and Sound

Elegance meets excellence with the Mivi Fort R38 Soundbar. Its pristine Matt-finish casing seamlessly merges with a premium fabric-draped front panel. The external subwoofer, coming in a matching Matt finish, adds a touch of sophistication. Minimalistic in design, it's an audio ensemble that enhances any space.

Multi-Compatible with Your Devices

Mivi Fort R38 Soundbar will offer you 4 different input modes, making sure seamless connectivity with your TV, laptop, and other devices whenever you want to. Whether it's for a movie marathon or a gaming session, Mivi ensures you're always connected & enjoying at fullflow.




TF Card

Multifunction Control Buttons

Power on/off | Pause/Play
Volume Controls

Truly Indian from The Inside Out

Our Mivi Fort R38 Soundbar isn't just a product; it's a testament to Indian craftsmanship. Made with care right here on our soil, it embodies the spirit of India. When you bring home a Fort R38, you're not just enjoying premium sound quality, you're also joining us in saying loud and proud – 'MIVI APNA HAI.'