Duopods A25

Earbuds with IPX4 Support

Wireless Earbuds Of The Future

Get clear, powerful sound from one of the best Made In India wireless earbuds. We’ve packed them full of next gen technologies so you can push your music, calling and audio needs to the next level.




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1 Year Warranty

Made In India


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High-Definition Stereo Sound

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40 Hours Play Time

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Enhanced Calling Experience

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Soft & Comfortable Fit

Sound That Just

Sounds Better

The DuoPods A25 are the earbuds of the future and that’s why we packed them with great audio drivers which make your very own playlist sound so much better.

Built To Last

40 Long Hours

We power packed these next gen earbuds with a combined battery life of upto 40 hours. 7.5 Hours on a single charge!

Bass That Gives You


The DuoPods A25 are specially fine tuned to deliver the highest quality bass. Heavy Metal? Hip Hop? Jazz Blues? Works great for all.

You Move.

They Stay.

Thanks to this evenly spread weight, the earbuds are tested to not drop, EVER. Deadlift your heart out, do some crunches or maybe even run a marathon, they never fall off.

Engineered In India.

Made In India

We’re really proud to say that we truly understand the indian audiophile and that’s why we’ve captured the details of these earbuds to suit all our needs.

Designed To Beat

Water and Dust

Come rain or sun, grab your DuoPods A25 and head out without any worries. The earbuds with IPX4 water resistance are ready for it all.

Function At Your


Take calls, change songs or ask siri something quickly…. All the tap of a few fingertips. Now that’s what you call the earbuds of the future.

Premium By Design.

Colorful By Choice.

The DuoPods A25 are the perfect example of class meets street culture. Style game, on point!


Beautiful Colors


So what makes DUOPODS A25 stand out?

Features DUOPODS A25 Other Brand's TWS
Battery Life 40 hrs combined battery 6-8 hrs
Sound Quality Full sound signature Flat sound signature
Design Premium Built Plastic Finish
Bass Deep Bass Distorted Bass at High Volumes
Fit Custom Tips with Secure Fit No Comfort Fit
Weight Feather-light Feel Weighty

Technical Specifications

Duopods A25

Audio Specifications
Driver Frequency Response

20 Hz to 20 KHz

Driver Type


Drivers Size


Passive Noise Cancellation


Audio codecs supported


Microphone Type


Microphone Frequency Response


Music and talk-time

Up to 7.5 hours with earbuds and up to 40 hours including charging capsule.

Charging time

1 Hour

Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth 5.0

Supported Bluetooth profiles


Operating range

Up to 10 metres / 30 Feet

Physical Unit
Packaging dimensions

107 x 107 x 41 mm (LxWxH)

Charging capsule dimensions


Earbud dimensions



35 g charging Capsule, 3.5 g right earbud, 3.5 g left earbud

Operating temperature

-5°C to 45°C (charging from 0° to 45°)

Included in the Box
  • - Earbuds
  • - Charging Capsule
  • - USB cable
  • - 3 Pairs of silicon ear tips
  • - Warranty registration
  • - User Guide

- 1 Year best in the industry warranty on manufacturing defects.














At this price it's a BEAST 🔥.

In this price segment this mivi A25 Duopods is Unbeatable Champion of all other available TWS in the market.

I have to say what a bass just outstanding deded sound quality no doubt awesome, battery life is quite SUPERB, easily get connected and somewhat you can say fast charging and ....

Value for money Product and yes its an INDIAN Company.

Akshat Shrivastava

January 15, 2020 8:12 PM


In this price segment this mivi DuoPods A25 is Unbeatable Champion of all other available pods in market.

I have to say what a bass just outstanding 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 sound quality no doubt awesome, battery life is quite good, easily get connected and somewhat you can say fast charging and . . . .

Value for money Product and yes its an INDIAN Company as well


January 15, 2020 8:12 PM

Stylish, good sound.

Got the Mivi A25 around a week ago and have been using since then. And this is probably my 5th Mivi bluetooth earphones. I just love using them. Talking about the A25, it is very light in weight, the sound is pretty good.


January 15, 2020 8:12 PM

Battery 🔋 is very good in this TWS Earphone.

According to my initial impression, In this price range this tws earphone Overrated in terms of battery, I Can take it from morning to late night.


January 15, 2020 8:12 PM



Does DuoPods support my Phone model ?

Yes DuoPods A25 can connect to all the smartphone(Android and iOS) and devices which have Bluetooth connectivity.

Can I connect DuoPods to my Laptop ?

Yes. DuoPods A25 can be connected to all laptops which have Bluetooth connectivity.

How do I ensure the best possible Bluetooth signal for my DuoPods?

To get the best possible Bluetooth signal, follow this guidance

  • - Make sure the distance between your DuoPods A-25 and the paired device (such as the smartphone, tablet, computer) does not exceed 10 metres.
  • - Make sure there is a direct line of sight between your DuoPods A-25 and the paired device. Ensure there are no structures that can block radio signals, such as walls and doors, between paired devices.
How does dust build-up in the earbuds affect volume?

Earbuds inserted in the ear using in ear tips can become dirty over time due to body heat, sweat, or oil. Accumulated contamination may block the speaker and result in lower than normal volume.

We recommend that you regularly clean the ear tip using the following guidelines.

  • - Remove the ear tip from the speaker/earbud.
  • - Use a wash cloth dampened with warm water. Wipe the outer surface of the ear tip and let it air dry completely before the next use.
  • - Use a cotton swab dampened with warm water to clean around the hole in the middle of the ear tip. Let it air dry completely before its next use.
  • - Do not clean the speaker itself - clean only the ear tip.

General advice about care and hygiene

Do not handle the ear tips immediately after applying hand sanitisers, lotions, or sunscreen.

Try each different ear tips sizes to get the optimal fit (medium size comes pre-mounted with your new Mivi Collar). The fit should feel tight and secure in your ear. Ensure the ear tips is firmly attached.

How do I get the best in ear fit with DuoPods?

Insert the earbud into your ear and rotate to fit comfortably. Ensure the microphone is pointing towards your mouth.

For optimum audio experience and fit, we recommend that you try each different ear-tip sizes. The fit should feel tight and secure in your ear.

The medium is pre-mounted on the earbuds. Ensure the ear-tip is firmly attached.

Manuals / guides

owner's guide

quick start guide



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