Are you looking for Home theatre systems and soundbars with subwoofers for your living room and bedroom? Mivi provides the best Bluetooth soundbars for TVs. Let's explore Bluetooth Soundbars and experience cinematic sound.

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Give Mivi Soundbar a listen and discover why they're the preferred audio choice for countless users across India.

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Let The Mivi Soundbar Sound Dictate Your Reality

  • Use Mivi Fort S48 Soundbar

    Unleash the Power of Bass with Mivi Fort S48 Mini-SoundBar

  • Use Mivi Fort S36 Soundbar

    Unleash the Power of Bass with Mivi Fort S36 Mini-SoundBar

  • Use Mivi Fort S16 Soundbar

    MIVI Fort S16 Soundbar with inbuilt Woofer - 16 Watt

  • Use Mivi Fort S24 Soundbar

    MIVI Fort S24 Soundbar with Inbuilt subwoofers - 24 Watt

Experience Perfect Sound with Home Theatre and Soundbars for TV

  • User Sounbad in Home

    Bedroom Space

    Mivi soundbars aren't just audio equipment; they're your personal cinema partner. Whether you're engrossed in the latest blockbuster or vibing to music, they are engineered to bring the theatre experience to your living space in an enjoyable way.

  • Use Soundbar in Workspace


    Increase your productivity at work with the best, decent, calm and cinematic audio experience. Mivi soundbars offer you a connection with Bluetooth and multiple EQ modes, thus making it easier for you to connect with your Mivi soundbar.

  • Use Soundbar for Party

    Indoor Events

    These are tailor-made to transport you into the heart of your favourite films. With Mivi Soundbar, you're not just watching; you're living every moment. From explosions to the subtlest whispers, Listen to every sound In a crystal clear and larger-than-life way.

  • Soundbars with Cinematic Sound

    Living Room

    Revamp your living room adventures. From action-packed blockbusters to daily binge-worthy series, our soundbars with power-packed subwoofers give life to your screen & the surrounding area that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Tailor Your Tunes With Mivi’s Latest Soundbars

  • Soundbars with Good Battery Life

    Battery life

    Mivi soundbars for TV bring you an un-experienced audio experience. It's enabled with Bluetooth connectivity to pair with your device, thus allowing you to experience a cinematic feel anytime and anywhere without interruption.

  • Soundbar with Smooth Design

    Premium Design

    Mivi soundbar is known to provide beauty with substance. At Mivi Design Studio, we create designs that match every audiophile's expectations in terms of premium design and cinematic sound bar. Experience it with a soft touch.

  • Soundbars with Good Wattage


    Every home has its unique space placement to keep a soundbar. That's why Mivi offers soundbars with multiple wattage options which suit your room space. Ensure that sound will fulfil the cinematic sound.

  • Soundbars with Easy EQ Modes

    EQ Modes

    Mivi soundbars for TV feels you experience the cinematic sound with unmatched sound in the industry. We always care about creating the premium design, premium fabric, and advanced features soundbars to the audio fans.

Asked Questions

What size soundbar do I need for a 32 inch TV?

For a 32-inch TV, Mivi's Fort S36, Fort S100, Fort S200, and Fort S300 soundbars are the best choices.

Which is the best soundbar in India under 15000?

Best soundbars under 15000, Mivi's Fort S100, Fort S200, Fort S300, and Fort S440 soundbars are the best choices. 

Which is the best soundbar in India under 10000?

Best soundbars under 10000, Mivi's Fort S180, Fort S200, Fort S300, and Fort S120 soundbars are the best choices.

Which is the best soundbar in India under 5000? 

Best soundbars under 5000, Mivi's Fort S48, Fort S60, Fort S80, and Fort S36 soundbars are the best choices. 

Which is better 2.1 or 5.1 sound bar?

5.1 Soundbar offers a cinematic audio experience and it's similar to the Home Theatre experience. Mivi 2.1 soundbars are covered with internal subwoofers and external subwoofers with cinematic audio experience.