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Dive into a sonic realm without the hefty cost. soundbars under 15000 offer a blend of deep bass and clear mids. Elevate home audio without stretching wallets.

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Give Mivi Soundbar a listen and discover why they're the preferred audio choice for countless users across India.

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5.1 Soundbar Under 15000

Discover the power of surround sound with the Mivi S440 - a premium 5.1 soundbar priced under ₹15000. Dive into a sonic universe where every beat, whisper, and dialogue comes alive, offering a rich audio experience. Elevate home entertainment without stretching your budget.

Best Soundbar Under 15000 with Cinematic Soundbar

Experience cinematic sound at home with the Mivi S660, equipped with 5.1 Channel. Priced under ₹15000, it delivers breathtaking clarity, depth, and immersion. Let every audio detail come alive and transform your living room into a theatre. Quality sound, unmatched price.

The Best 2.1 Soundbar Under 15000

Amplify your audio experience with Mivi Fort's 2.1 channel soundbars. The S36 and S48 are designed to offer unmatched clarity and depth. Priced under ₹15000, Mivi promise a surround sound that fills every corner. Elevate your auditory senses without breaking the bank. Dive into a rich sound journey!

The Best Soundbar With Subwoofer Under 15000

Experience cinematic audio at home with Mivi Fort soundbars. The S36, S48, S200, S300, and S440 come paired with robust subwoofers, delivering rich bass and clear sound. All under ₹15000. Redefine your home entertainment without stretching your budget. Dive into immersive audio now!