Bluetooth Earphones

At Mivi, we don’t just create earphones, we craft audio experiences tailored to India’s unique preferences.

How to Find
Your Audio Match

  • Types of Earphones and Neckbands


    Choose from in-ear, over-ear, and on-ear earphones. In-ear earphones are the most portable, while over-ear and on-ear earphones tend to provide better sound quality.

  • Quality of Earphones

    Sound Quality

    Ensure you hear a clear and crisp sound (treble), deep and rich music (bass), and detailed audio (mids). At the end of the day, the sound should be natural and pleasing. Look out for these specs when buying earphones online.

  • Noise Cancellation Earphones

    Noise Cancellation

    You want to ensure no one can hear your dog in the background while you’re in a meeting with the boss. Noise cancellation will help with that look for active noise cancellation (ANC) or passive (PNC) options.

  • Mic Quality of Earphones

    Mic Quality

    A good quality microphone will ensure you’re heard in all online meetings or when you’re asking Siri for Virat Kohli’s score. Ensure it is in-built and omnidirectional (can pick your voice from every direction).

  • Bluetooth Connectivity in Neckband


    Bluetooth earphones are no good if they won’t work the moment you put your phone in your pocket. So check for range. There are also classy wired earphones if wireless options are not your jam. They have their own advantages, like better sound quality and lower latency.

  • Good Battery Life Neckband

    Battery Life

    You don’t want to charge your earphones constantly. Go for affordable options when you buy earphones online without compromising on battery life.

  • Durability of Bluetooth Earphones


    Look for earphones that are built to last and have a good warranty. Avoid cheap earphones as they tend to break easily.

  • Made In India Earphone Brand


    It's always safe to choose a well-known brand. Thinking homegrown with made-in-India products? Think Mivi.

  • Bluetooth Earphone Price

    Earphone Price

    There are many good quality earphones available at different price ranges, so be sure to choose the one that best suits your budget.

Tune Out Noise,
Tune In Music With Mivi

  • Good Battery Backup Neckband

    Battery Life

    Unleash an endless musical journey with Mivi earphones that boast an impressive battery life of up to 50 hours. Now play for days on a single charge! In a hurry? Charge for 10 minutes — it’ll last for 10 hours.

  • Super Charging Bluetooth Neckband

    Super Charging

    Mivi’s fast charging capabilities will have you grooving to your tunes in no time! Never again be tethered to a power outlet and let the music flow, uninterrupted.

  • Powerful Base Earphones

    Powerful Bass

    Mivi Collar Flash Pro will take your breath away with its killer bass. Enjoy strong bass that will fill your soul up to the brim with pure music.

  • HD Sound Neckband and Earphones

    HD Sound

    Unlock the true essence of sound with Mivi's high-definition and balanced audio. Experience a pure, unadulterated, & passionate musical journey that'll leave you breathless.

  • Inbuit Mic Neckband

    In-Built Mic

    Yes, they can hear you! Say hello to crystal clear communication with ThunderBeats 2. It comes in-built with dual audio radiators so that you can hear clearly. Time to make your Zoom calls effortless — speak clearly, go hands-free, and focus on signing that contract.

  • Noise Cancellation Neckband

    Noise Cancellation

    Get your message across without interruption with Mivi. Invest in Mivi's noise cancellation earphones to ensure your voice is heard clearly, despite the barking dog, chattering siblings, or noisy neighbours.

  • Voise Assistant Support Neckband

    Voice Assistant

    It’s about time your earphones became smart. Never miss a beat or fumble for your device again; just a push of a button will put you in control — your Alexa or Siri are just a command away. Unleash the power of convenience with Mivi earphones.

Asked Questions

Can I use Mivi earphones in online meetings?

Yes, you can use Mivi earphones in online meetings and even upgrade your experience considerably. Mivi’s earphones come with built-in mics, noise cancellation, and voice assistant features. 

Are Mivi earphones good to use while playing games?

Yes. A good pair of gaming earphones should have balanced sound, clear transmission, and low latency. These are all the features Mivi earphones come with.