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At Mivi, we don’t just create bluetooth earphones and neckbands, we craft audio experiences tailored to India’s unique preferences.

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Give Mivi Earphones a listen and discover why they're the preferred audio choice for countless users across India.

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How to Find
Your Audio Match

  • Quality of Earphones


    Amplify your gaming prowess with bluetooth earphones and neckbands that absorb you right amid the action. With finely-tuned soundscapes, anticipate moves and experience audio-led gaming triumphs.

  • Noise Cancellation Earphones

    High Bass

    Revel in deep, thumping beats and layers of quality sound with a bluetooth earphones and neckbands well-tuned for high bass. Whether you're grooving to music or engrossed in a film, the sound will go deep.

  • Mic Quality of Earphones

    Music and Meetings

    Crafted for nice clarity, our earphones breathe life into every musical note. From heartfelt melodies to essential calls and virtual meetings (Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams), you're assured unparalleled sound fidelity.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity in Neckband

    Mobile and PC

    Seamlessly adapt to diverse audio needs. Compatible with mobiles and PCs, our earphones and neckband promises an unmatched sonic experience, irrespective of the device.

Tune Out Noise,
Tune In Music With Mivi

  • Good Battery Backup Neckband

    Long Battery Life

    Stay saturated without interruptions. With high extended battery life, our bluetooth earphones let you delve into prolonged music sessions, calls, or games without a frequent need for recharging.

  • Super Charging Bluetooth Neckband

    Neckband & Wired

    Your style, your choice. Our versatile collection includes the freedom of neckband headphones and the immediacy of wired variants, catering to every preference.

  • Inbuit Mic Neckband

    Mic and Microphone

    Communicate with crystal clarity. Be it calls, recordings, or in-game chats, our integrated wireless earphones with a mic ensure your voice resonates with unmatched purity.

  • Noise Cancellation Neckband

    Noise Cancellation

    Transport yourself to an undisturbed realm of sound. Advanced noise cancellation drowns out the chaos, letting you indulge in audio perfection.

Asked Questions

What earphones have the longest battery life?

Mivi Collar Flash Pro and Collar Classic Pro neckband earphones offer the longest battery life, providing up to 72 hours of playtime. 

Can you pair 2 headphones at once?

Mivi Collar Classic and Collar Flash Neckband earphones support you to pair dual devices.

Is neckband earphones good for gym?

Yes, Mivi neckband headphones support you in the workouts at the gym.

Are neckbands comfortable?

Yes, Mivi neckbands are comfortable to fit in the ear.

What to look for in earphones before buying?

Consider: sound quality, easy-to-fit, durability, noise-cancellation feature, dual connection mode, custom-tuned drivers, premium design, long battery life, and water-resistant properties