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Feel the high clarity sound with earphones with Neckband? Dive Mivi neckband earphones. Unwrap top-notch audio that respects your wallet. Quality meets affordability here.

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312,85,299+ Ratings & Reviews

Give Mivi Earphones a listen and discover why they're the preferred audio choice for countless users across India.

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Neckband Earphones With Dual Pairing

Dual Paring Neckband Earphones - Neckband D25, Collar Classic, and Collar Flash.

Neckband Headphones With Long Battery Life

Collar Flash Pro - 72 Hours, Collar Classic Pro - 72 Hours

Neckband Earphones For Calls

Mivi neckband earphones are good for all type of calls.

Best Neckband Earphones For Music

All Mivi neckband earphones are good for music.