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Feel the high clarity sound with earphones under 1000? Dive Mivi neckband earphones. Unwrap top-notch audio that respects your wallet. Quality meets affordability here.

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Give Mivi Earphones a listen and discover why they're the preferred audio choice for countless users across India.

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People Also Ask

Top 5 Wireless Earphones Under 1000

Top 5 Bluetooth Earphones under 1000. Collar Classic, Collar Flash, Thunder Beats 2, Collar D25, and Conquer X.

Best Wired Earphones Under 1000

Top Wired Earphone under 1000. Rock and Roll E5 is one of the best wired earphone from Mivi.

Best Neckband Under 1000

Best Neckband Earphone under 1000. Collar Classic, Collar Flash, and Thunder Beats 2 are the best bluetooth earphones under 1000 from Mivi.