DuoPods A550

ENC Earbuds

Escape The Noise, Not The World

Don't flee from the world, surround yourself with crystal-clear, authentic audio and remove environmental noise from your voice to be heard clearly.




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1 Year Warranty

Made In India


Noise Cancellation

Battery Life

Low Latency
For Gaming

Elegant Premium Design

In India

Immerse Yourself In


While listening to amazing sound

Experience The

Pure Authentic Sound

The 13mm electro-dynamic bass drivers provide studio-quality audio performance for the pure authentic sound you want.

Listen Without
Missing The Beat

Custom-tuned EQ provides you with rich, deep, and powerful bass that won't miss a beat.

Always Keep On Playing

On the go, you can listen to your favourite tracks for more than two days with 50+ hours of combined playback time.

8.5 Hrs
With Earbuds

5X charge
With Case

Escape The Noise

Reduces 90% environmental noise rather than escaping from the world for clear calls.

What is ENC?

Environmental noise cancellation earbuds cancel out the noise around you and picks uponly your voice when you are taking calls. What you want to say is clearly communicated to the other person

4X The Mics
4X The Clarity

We've embedded two very powerful MEMS mics into each of the earbuds so you can now be heard loud and clear.

Low Latency To
Boost Your Gaming

The DuoPods A550 features very low latency and they sync very well with the visuals enabling boosted gaming experience.

Elegant Design
Premium Finish

Designed in a minimalist sleek style from premium metallic materials, they stay comfortable all day long.

Voice Assistant

Activate voice assistant right from your DuoPods A550 with the push of a button

With Love

From India

We don’t just make products in India we custom design and engineer them for the unique tastes and preferences in music we Indians have

Beautiful Shades
To Flaunt Your Style


So what makes A550 stand out?

Features DuoPods A550 Other Brand's TWS
Battery Life 50 hrs combined playtime 15-20 hrs of combined playtime
Bass Electrifying Bass Distorted Bass at High Volumes
Shades Stunning Metallic Shades Boring regular colors
Sound Quality HD studio sound Flat Sound
Country Of Origin Made in India Made in China
Fit Comfortable fit No Comfort Fit
Weight Feather-light Feel Weighty
Mic Quad Mics Normal Mic

Technical Specifications

DuoPods A550

Audio Specifications


Driver Frequency Response

20Hz ~ 20KHz

Noise Cancellation


Audio codecs supported


Modified Playtime

50 hours

Buds Battery Capacity

40 mAh*2

Capsule Battery Capacity

500 mAh

Buds Charging time

1 hour

Capsule Charging time

1 hour

Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth 5.1

Operating range


Physical Unit
IP rating

IP x 4.0

Packaging dimensions

103.5 x 101 x 40.2 mm (LxWxH)


145 Gms

Operating temperature

-5°C to 45°C (charging from 0° to 45°)

Included in the Box
  • - Earbuds , • - 3 Pairs of silicon ear tips
  • - Charging Capsule
  • - USB cable
  • - Warranty registration
  • - User Guide














Exemplary service

the most positive thing about this earbuds is not only the product itself but their exemplary service.they are really resolving the problems you face while facing any issues in the earbuds..you can trust mivi company


16 January 2023


Amazing product to buy.Sound quality is on next level,ENC quite impressive loved the product keep it up❤...Must purchase this excellent product

Mazhar Mapkar

30 November 2022

Amazing 🔥

"At first I was sceptical about buying it, But omg this is the best tws under 1k. If your budget is low, it's definitely recommended. Great bass, best noise cancellation and audio balance is amazing."

Hetal Mehta

17 November 2022



Does Duopods support my phone model ?

Yes DuoPods A550 can connect to all the smartphone(Android and iOS) and devices which have Bluetooth connectivity.

Can I connect Duopods to my Laptop?

Yes. DuoPods A550 can be connected to all laptops which have Bluetooth connectivity.

Does Duopods support ENC?

Yes. DuoPods A550 can be connected to all laptops which have Bluetooth connectivity.

How do I ensure the best possible Bluetooth signal for my DuoPods ?

To get the best possible Bluetooth signal, follow this guidance.

  • - Make sure the distance between your DuoPods A550 and the paired device (such as the smartphone, tablet, computer) does not exceed 10 metres.
  • - Make sure there is a direct line of sight between your DuoPods A550 and the paired device. Ensure there are no structures that can block radio signals, such as walls and doors, between paired devices.
How does dust build-up in the earbuds affect volume ?

Earbuds inserted in the ear using in ear tips can become dirty over time due to body heat, sweat, or oil. Accumulated contamination may block the speaker and result in lower than normal volume.

We recommend that you regularly clean the ear tip using the following guidelines.

  • - Remove the ear tip from the speaker/earbud.
  • - Use a wash cloth dampened with warm water. Wipe the outer surface of the ear tip and let it air dry completely before the next use.
  • - Use a cotton swab dampened with warm water to clean around the hole in the middle of the ear tip. Let it air dry completely before its next use.
  • - Do not clean the speaker itself
  • - clean only the ear tip.

General advice about care and hygiene

Do not handle the ear tips immediately after applying hand sanitisers, lotions, or sunscreen.

Try each different ear tips sizes to get the optimal fit (medium size comes pre-mounted with your new Mivi DuoPods). The fit should feel tight and secure in your ear. Ensure the ear tips is firmly attached.

How do I get the best in ear fit with DuoPods

Insert the earbud into your ear and rotate to fit comfortably. Ensure the microphone is pointing towards your mouth. For optimum audio experience and fit, we recommend that you try each different ear-tip sizes. The fit should feel tight and secure in your ear. The medium is pre-mounted on the earbuds. Ensure the ear-tip is firmly attached.

Manuals / guides

owner's guide

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