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Charging and Data Transfer Cables

Introducing Mivi's stunning charging cables – a durable yet stylish accessory designed to pack 1.5 times more power than your average cable.

  • Lightning Cable

    Lightning Cable

    Apple MFi Certified

    ₹799 ₹1199

  • Micro USB Cable

    Micro USB Cable

    Fast charging support

    ₹299 ₹599

  • Type C Cable

    Type C Cable

    1.5x Charging Speed

    ₹449 ₹799

  • Audio Cable

    Audio Cable

    3.5mm Gold Plated Jack

    ₹499 ₹799

  • HDMI Cable

    HDMI Cable

    Upto 240Hz Refresh Rate

    ₹449 ₹999

  • Micro USB to USB Cable

    Micro USB to USB

    Easy Data Transfer

    ₹399 ₹799

  • Type C to USB Cable

    Type C to USB

    Rapid Sync & Charge

    ₹499 ₹899



    Easy Data Transfer

    ₹399 ₹799

The Quest for the Perfect Mobile Cable

  • Type of Mobile Cables

    Type of Mobile Cable

    Decide which of the following mobile cables you’re looking for according to your phone charger types, like charging cables, data transfer cables, USB cables, Lightning cables,Adaptors, and more.

  • Cable Compatibility


    If you've got a device with a USB-C port and you want to charge faster or transfer data at high speeds, go for a Type-C cable. But if you've got a device with a Micro-B USB port and you're not too fussed about speed, a Micro B cable will do the job just fine.

  • Cable Lengths


    If you need to charge your device from a distance, a longer mobile charger cable may be more convenient.

  • Cable Materials


    The cable should be made of high-quality materials such as nylon or TPE. These materials are known for their durability and resistance to wear and tear.

  • Charging and Data Transfer Connector


    It should not be loose or flimsy and should not have any visible defects. Also, check the bend lifespan (the number of bends a cable can survive) for flexibility.

  • Cable Security Certification


    Verify that the cable you are buying is certified and not a fake one. Look for the following: Certifications from organizations: USB-IF and Google Check-R, Manufacturer’s logo and branding, and Customer reviews.

Power Up Your Devices with Mivi

  • Data and Charging Cables

    Data & Charging Cables

    Introducing Mivi's unbreakable charging cables — designed to be your smartphone's trusty sidekick. Made from materials stronger than steel, these cables have a 10,000+ bend lifespan and are 6 feet long.

  • Connector Cables


    Get connected in style with Mivi’s mobile phone connectors, available in three types. Like, Type C to USB, Micro USB to USB, and Type C to Micro USB.

  • Lightning Cables

    Lightning Cables

    Unleash the power of Mivi's lightning cables — designed for Apple devices and certified by MFi. With 1.5 times the charging speed and over 5,000+ bends lifespan, these cables are built to last.

Asked Questions

How do I choose a charging cable?

    Here are some things you should look out for: 
  • Are they certified by Google or USB-IF, or Apple?
  • Consider the data transfer speed and charging speed.
  • Consider length
  • Consider durability and protection

If you can get all these features in attractive colors, then that’s the cherry on top!

Which mobile cable is best?

USB Type-C cables are the best mobile cables. 

Which type of cable is good for mobile charging?

  • Mivi’s 1.8 M Type-C Charging cable
  • For Apple devices? Mivi’s 1.8M Lightning
  • For a micro USB cable? Mivi's 1.8M Micro USB Cable